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Clinical Case Report: Recanalization of bilateral axillaris/brachialis artery occlusion in a patient with Takayashu arteritis with Chocolate touch

30. November 2018

When fibrosis develops in Takayasu arteritis (TA), endovascular treatment may become necessary. A 63‐year‐old woman with TA underwent PTA with a nitinol‐structured (chocolate‐like) drug‐coated balloon (C‐DEB PTA). She remained in remission for >1 year. The case may foster research into the use of C‐DEB PTA in TA.


luminor – The best DCB ever!

25. Oktober 2018

EFFPAC RCT 12-month outstanding results with Luminor DCB have been revealed at CX Symposium 2018   London, April 25th, 2018 – EFFPAC RCT 12-month outstanding results with Luminor DCB have been revealed at CX Symposium 2018. The 12-month results from the full clinical cohort of the EFFPAC randomized controlled trial (RCT), were presented for the […]


Alvimedica NiTiDES @ CIRSE 2018

5. Oktober 2018

  Alvimedica NiTiDES – Platform characteristics / Dr. Ralf Langhoff, St. Gertrauden Hospital, Berlin ILLUMINA Study – NiTiDES First In Human Trial / Prof. Dr. Dierk Scheinert, University Hospital Leipzig   Watch the complete Satellite Symposium @ CIRSE Library


Luminor DEB – EFFPAC @ Endovascular TODAY

6. Juni 2018

Best DCB Outcomes: How Next-Generation Coating Techn ology Influences Clinical Effectiveness by Prof. Ulf Teichgraeber, MD; Prof. Vincent Riambau, MD and Roberto Ferraresi, MD >> Click here to see the complete article <<


LINC 2017 – Vorträge und Live Cases

19. März 2018

Vorträge: TriReme – Chocolate touch DCB: Final Results of the Feasibility Study for the Drug-coated Chocolate Touch PTA balloon of Femoropopliteal lesions: The ENDURE Trial (Andrew Holden)   iVascular – iVolution selfexpandable Nitinol-Stent: New manufacturing process and stent design are key elements to improve clinical outcome (Peter Goverde)   First 6-month results in 75 patients […]


LINC 2018, The Leipzig Interventional Course, 30.1.–2.2.2018

10. Januar 2018

  The LEIPZIG INTERVENTIONAL COURSE is strongly committed to contribute to a systematic scientific evaluation and interdisciplinary discussion of new methods, allowing conclusions for daily interventional practice. As exhibitor, we would be very proud of visiting us at our booth (7c).


CERA – Multi-layer Vascular Plug System

6. Januar 2018

  CERA – Multi-layer Vascular Plug System     Great Biocompatibility Titanium Nitride (TiN) coating prevents thrombosis and accelerates endothelialization   Easy and Precise Deployment Micro screw connection   Fast and Complete Occlusion PTFE membrane reduces total occlusion time and eliminates residual shunt   Available in Various Sizes Range Can be used for various vessel […]


iVascular EffPAC 6 Months Outstanding Data Presented at CIRSE 2017 DCB Session

2. Oktober 2017

iVascular EffPAC 6 Months Outstanding Data Presented at CIRSE 2017 DCB Session:   Copenhagen – September 18, 2017 – iVascular SLU data announced today, demonstrate the efficacy of the Luminor drug-coated balloon (DCB) in patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The 6 months results from the full clinical cohort of the EffPAC randomized study were presented […]


Angiolite BTK receives CE Mark Approval

23. August 2017

Angiolite BTK receives CE Mark Approval iVascular announces the release of Angiolite BTK, a sirolimus-eluting stent which has received CE Mark Approval for treating chronic and acute arterial lesions in lower limbs below the knee (BTK), improving blood flow in severe claudication and critical limb ischaemia. Angiolite BTK design has been specifically elaborated for drug […]


Anchor Trial Publication – iVascular Angiolite DES

1. August 2017

Three- and 6-month optical coherence tomographic surveillance following percutaneous coronary intervention with the Angiolite® drug-eluting stent: The ANCHOR study   Background: Pre-clinical results of a novel open-cell, thin strut, durable polymer, laser cut cobalt chromium sirolimus-eluting stent (Angiolite) were promising. Using quantitative optical coherence tomographic (OCT) analyses, we explored the healing characteristics of the Angiolite […]


CASE: Stentys Xposition S

13. März 2017

Dr Weilenmann, St Gallen, Switzerland, shares a case that demonstrates the need to have a  Self-Apposing stent on the shelf. In this case, a straight forward revascularisation of a CTO revealed a severely tapered LAD with a large mismatch in calibre between the distal and proximal vessels. A large discrepancy between the proximal and distal […]


Capturer 7F has just received CE mark!

We are pleased to announce that Capturer 7F (thrombus extraction catheter) has received CE mark approval. As his small brother Capturer 6F, it is approved for both coronary and peripheral interventions. Capturer 7F will be available to order from 27th of March 2017. >> CAPTURER BROCHURE <<


LUMINOR Registry may help for DCB below the knee

7. März 2017

The LUMINOR Registry is a real-world prospective multicentre study evaluating iVascular’s Luminor paclitaxel-eluting balloon for treating advanced limb ischaemia. Vascular News spoke to Vincent Riambau (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain), who presented an update on the Registry at LINC 2017, to learn more about its progress. >> Interview Vincent Riambau << >> Aktuelle Zahlen […]


LINC 2016 – Vorträge und Live Cases

7. Februar 2017

Case 22 – BLN 01: Tripple protection in a high-grade left ICA stenosis (Contego Paladin) – Dr. Ralf Langhoff Live Case ansehen Case 60 – LEI 22: Critical limb ischemia with BTK-occlusions right (STENTYS – STENTYS BTK) – Dr. S. Bräunlich, Dr. M. Ulrich Live Case ansehen Performance of iVascular Luminor Drug-Eluting Balloon (Spanish prospective […]


LINC 2017, The Leipzig Interventional Course, January 24 – 27, 2017

18. Dezember 2016

  The LEIPZIG INTERVENTIONAL COURSE is strongly committed to contribute to a systematic scientific evaluation and interdisciplinary discussion of new methods, allowing conclusions for daily interventional practice.   As exhibitor, we would be very proud of visiting us at our booth (17b). >> VISIT US (Floor plan LINC 2017)


iVascular iVolution – SX Stent: Benchmark (Dr. Goverde)

29. November 2016

iVascular iVolution – SX Stent: Benchmark Dr Peter Goverde (Belgium), who is known as an international vascular surgeon KOL, has demonstrated the benefits of iVolution stent versus other SX stents in the market during last ASVS congress 2016 in Singapore. He did this study together with an independent University Laboratory in Paris. Please click on […]


STENTYS BTK – reconstruction of a TP trunk [Video]

12. September 2016

Dr Matson, London, UK shares a case of a 40 year old women who re-presented with continued Critical Limb Ischemia after previously successful PTA. Angiography revealed a heavily restenosed TP trunk which dissected after PTA and was then reconstructed using 2 STENTYS BTK self expanding paclitaxel eluting stents: [embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3U_3IQ2MyxI[/embedyt]


Morris Innovation – FISH: Single-Center Retrospective Comparison of the Safety and Efficacy

11. April 2016

Die Autoren M. Elmasri und J. McWilliams haben auf dem SIR Meeting 2016 in Vancouver (Kanada) Ihr Abstract zum Vergleich 5 artierieller Verschlusssysteme präsentiert. Dabei wurden die Sicherheit und Effizienz der Verschlusssysteme bewertet. Das arterielle Verschlusssystem FISH der Firma Morris Innovation konnte dabei durchweg mit sehr guten Ergebnissen überzeugen. Artikel zum Download


TriReme Chocolate touch & Chocolate PTA Ballons available

16. März 2016

Designed to minimize vessel trauma and improve acute outcomes, the TriReme Chocolate Balloons represent the newest breakthrough in technology for interventionalists to treat complex peripheral vascular disease above and below the knee. Now available!    Chocolate- PTA-Datasheet Chocolate Touch- PTA-Datasheet


Paclitaxel-Eluting STENTYS Self-Apposing® Below-The-Knee Stent System

25. Januar 2016

STENTYS BTK – The only self-expanding drug-eluting Stent for below the knee! STENTYS BTK – Produktbroschüre


18. Symposium Interventionelle Kardiologie und Angiologie

16. Dezember 2015

wir freuen uns, Sie am 30. Januar im Grand Elysee Hotel in Hamburg begrüssen zu dürfen. weitere Informationen


26. Gemeinsame Arbeitstagung – Angiologie interdisziplinär

der Universitätsklinik Jena vom 07.01.-08.01 in Weimar. Wir freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch und interessante Gespräche. weitere Informationen


Cre8™ BTK

28. April 2015



Lengths ahead in diabetic patient outcomes

24. März 2015

Alvimedica – Cre8 Polymer-free, Abluminal Reservoir Technology, Amphilimus formulation Sirolimus + Organic acid, Bio Inducer Surface coating


MTRA Master Course – endoscout GmbH

19. Februar 2014

in Freiburg, vom 15.05.2014 bis 17.05.2014


Coming soon – multi-LOC

12. Februar 2014

Multiple Stent Delivery System von medicut in Kürze verfügbar … zu den Detailinformationen


Vorträge LINC 2014

10. Februar 2014

The concept of focal stenting – Lessons learned and future perspectives


Film – Live FISH Case

FISH – The femoral Introducer sheath & hemostasis device PD Dr. Marcus Treitl, Ludwig-Maximillians-Universität München PD Dr. Christian Wissgott, Westküstenklinikum Heide  


Teilnahme am Live Course 2014

8. Februar 2014

17. Symposium Interventionelle Kardiologie und Angiologie 01. Februar 2014, Grand Elysée Hamburg


endoscout – Newsletter

8. Januar 2014

… Newsletter ansehen


neues Verschlusssystem

22. August 2013

Ab sofort vertreiben wir das neue Verschlusssystem FISH … direkt zum Produkt


CID Zertifizierung

15. Juli 2013

CID SpA erhält die CE Zertifizierung für den neuen Cre8 BTK Polymer Free Drug eluting Stent


CID EasyFlype & HiFlype

6. April 2013

CID EasyFlype & HiFlype Carbofilm coated peripheral self-expanding Stent – Neue Größen (120 und 150mm Länge)